Updated 21st March 2021

It is the news we have all been hoping for, all being well we will be returning to the studio for classes from Monday 12th April 2021.


On our return we will continue to operate as a COVID SECURE studio following all the updated government guidelines to ensure the safety of all our students, staff and their families which always has, and always will, be our main priority.

Behind the scenes we have been working on the timetable which has now been uploaded to our website, parent portal is being updated so you will start to see classes appear.  We will be emailing all our parents, including all the new students starting with full details.  

All the teachers (and we know the students too!) are so excited to get back, and thank you to all the parents, students and teachers for their amazing efforts over the past year, it certainly is a year none of us will every forget.

(We will continue to display the NHS QR CODE at the studio on our return to help track and stop the spread of Coronavirus. We encourage all students (16 and over) and teachers with smart phones to scan the code each time they enter the studio)

If you would like full details of what we have in place, please request via

our email info@jordanayersdance.comWe would like to thank all our parents and students for their continued support.

Thank you,