COVID-19 UPDATES (Updated 12th September 2020)

We are pleased to announce that classes have resumed in the studio since MONDAY 10th AUGUST, and we have worked hard to ensure the studio is 'COVID Secure' to ensure the safety of all our teachers, students and their family members.

A new TEMPORARY timetable has been put in place to ensure we have a reduction in class sizes along with student 'bubbles' where we can facilitate this.  We will be cleaning the studio surfaces in between each class, hand sanitiser stations are available when entering the building and have marked out areas so the students can dance as socially distanced as per governments current recommendation and guidelines. We also have a student drop off point and a one way system in and out of the studio.

We are now displaying an NHS QR CODE at the studio to help track and stop the spread of Coronavirus. We encourage all students and teachers with smart phones to scan the code each time they enter the studio from the launch date (24th September 2020).


If you would like full details of what we have in place, please request via

our email We would like to thank all our parents and students for their continued support.

Thank you,